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It's an Amazing Machine that has Blown me Away

This is me, being remotely treated in the "Harmonic Egg", Virginia Beach, USA.  My close friend Terri Bowden owns this Harmonic Egg, It's technology is based on vibrational healing, sound frequencies and bio resonance.  IT WORKS!

My sessions have help me with my arthritis, sleep issues and migraines, l have been blown away by the really is incredible. 

Roy, my very skeptical husband, has also been having sessions. Working on his very bad arthritis in his feet, knee, hips and back. He has received so much relief from his sessions that he now counts the days to his next session. He totally relaxes and feels the benefits immediately, and actually feels the energies working on him every session.

It works on the physical body as well as the emotional/mental. Our experience has been amazing.

I am looking forward to our visit to the USA later this year and having a session in the egg physically! But until then l will still have my remote sessions.

Julie Lomas /Bahrain


My Recovery Room!

My recovery room when I need rest.

The only way I can describe being

in the EGG is like being swaddled like

a baby and experiencing the best

alignment my mind and body ever had

at at the same time.

*** PS. Picture of me in the EGG is just to make this post more interesting   Reamie T /Virginia Beach

"Anna" the Harmonic Egg,

Helped Autistic Child


The Harmonic Egg changed my sons life,  after the first session my son was able to talk about his feelings. He has limited ability to share his feelings due to his Autism and after his first session in "Anna" who he calls the egg, he was able to talk about his feelings and that he felt calm for the first time.


Our family is beyond grateful for what the Harmonic Egg has done for our son and his Autistic journey!  Brook.S /Virginia Beach

I Tried Something New....

I tried something new and different yesterday, Virginia Beach Harmonic EGG LLC. Who else has tried it?

In an effort to do more self-care this year, I put this on my Christmas list. It was 50 minutes of pure me time to relax and restore. I actually feel asleep which is uncommon for me.

C.T/ Chespeake


As someone who lives with chronic pain and insomnia, after one session I feel great! I have been sleeping better, my pain levels went down and I feel balanced.


This is truly a miracle!!                                   Ashley H. / AH


I highly recommend the Harmonic Egg...I have been having  sessions REMOTELY, as I do not live in the USA, but it was recommended to me by a dear friend.  


The sessions I have received have been directed towards the arthritis in my feet, knees, hips and lower has been  truly astonishingly amazing.   I am usually very skeptical of these things especially remotely, but this really worked on me. I can feel things happening during my sessions (it’s done by appointment time), I can’t explain what, how, or why except I am amazed at the results and the help it has given to me, from a machine 7000 miles away.

This is  high tech cutting edge technology that actually works. My experience has been amazing and the stories of others we know equally so .My wife and I are both having regular sessions. She suffers from migraines and insomnia it has helped her immensely, I cannot wait until I am in the USA again to go into the egg physically, what an experience that will be!

But until then I will continue with my regular remote sessions here in Bahrain.  Highly recommended.


Those of you who know me,  know I would never recommend something I have not experienced or is whacko. This really does work.    Try it and see.    Roy L /Bahrain



Terry was very knowledgeable on the Harmonic Egg. She took her time answering my questions & putting me at ease, for my first session.


Had unbelievable results right away. Thank you very much.

Leslie O, Virginia Beach



I have been promising a testimonial on Tylers progress with "The Harmonic Egg", so here it goes.

After six sessions, Tyler has shown increased cognizance all around. This has been noticed both at home, and with the support staff at his job at Harris Teeter. He worked three days in a row this week without the assistance of a job coach. His supervisor, Valerie, said he is performing very well.


Last week we had an appointment with the Beach Hearing, he speech has improved and understanding of what is spoken. We have a comprehensive hearing tests done after the first year. Tyler has been extra happy and motivated since he began having sessions in the egg, and we have every intention of continuing treatment.

SANDY TYLER_edited.jpg

Although l personally have only had two sessions so far, my second visit was extraordinary. Once the egg door closed, l felt and saw the presence of multiple spirits with me, it was quite enlightening. I have also seen some improvement in my fibromyalgia pain and improved sleeping.

If you have any potential clients with Down syndrome, please don't hesitate to give my name and number for a reference. Thank you for blessing us with 'the Harmonic Egg'.

Sandy R, Virginia Beach


“Fantastic, mind-blowing experience". I took full advantage of the session and was able to free so many things that were holding me back. I was able to fully forgive myself for all the things I have done.

I was able to even go further and allow myself to feel all my emotions without judgement or blame or shame or any negativity for that matter. The very next day I woke in such a strong, happy mood and it carried me all day to where I am now.

I have been telling everyone I know about how amazing this experience has been and that it shook me to the core."

Jason R / JR



Needed Help.

I reached out to Terri with at the Virginia Beach Harmonic Egg, to reschedule my harmonic egg appointment due to my kitty having surgery and she was having trouble recovering, she had developed an upper respiratory infection due to the stress of surgery and cold weather. She was not bouncing back as she should have. I had mentioned to Terri that kitty being sick is why l was having to reschedule, l live over 4 hours away from the egg site.  Terri mentioned to me that she offers remote healing via the Harmonic Egg for pets, so l was instantly excited and curious to find out its power of healing.

I sent Terri a photo of her and gave the basic info on Kitty. Terri sent me a screenshot of Kitty's photo that she had put in the Egg and had me sit by Kitty and make sure she was resting, we spent the next 50 minutes relaxing at home while her session was be conducted.

I had dozed off while waiting on Terri to call and advised the session was complete. I was excited to tell Terri that Kitty has woke me up maybe 2 minutes before she had called me at the end of the session, Kitty had jumped out of her bed and ran over to her scratching post to sharpen her claws. She had not been out of her bed since returning from from surgery other than to eat and use the litter box.  Fast forward to the next morning, Kitty had me up at 4.20am wanting to eat and she has been up at the balcony door enjoying her morning routine of bird and squirrel watching.

Believe in the power of God, nature, frequencies, and healing. I cannot say thank you enough to Terri for understanding my situation and the offer to help heal my fur baby.  I am looking forward to my own healing season in the Harmonic Egg, I'm so excited to experience this and the benefits of its healing.

 T.B /Virginia.


Help with Covid


I went in the Egg remotely, l was in Florida at the time suffering from Covid, and boy was it absolutely wonderful. I felt back to normal the following morning and well enough to travel back to Virginia Beach. Thank you Terri.  Linda.O / Virginia Beach

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