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Benefits of the Harmonic Egg

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Reclining in a zero-gravity chair within the chamber, a person is enveloped in highly resonant music and colored light.

Energy Therapy

Energy therapies have been used since ancient times. These methods of treating afflictions of the body and spirit are part of Asian healing practices like acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong. All operate based upon the theory that illness is the result of blockages or imbalances in the body’s life energy. These healing techniques work to unblock or rebalance that life energy.

The Harmonic Egg/Ellipse is sound and light therapy that operates under similar principals. Using frequencies and vibration emanating from music and light within a resonant chamber, the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse guides a person to a state of supreme relaxation. Some have likened this to achieving “shavasana” in yoga.

Reclining in a zero-gravity chair within the chamber, a person is enveloped in highly resonant music and colored light. Both light and sound can be customized based upon the type of healing that the client desires to achieve.

Using a technology like the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse allows the client to receive a session that is consistent with each visit and which is not dependent upon the emotional or physical strength of the provider or the client.


Every Session In The Harmonic Egg Is Different. 

Clients have experienced being ‘worked on' at different levels and have profound insights, (renewed) contact with guides, and very deep relaxation. Physical improvements are also part of the results. Pain decreases, mobility increases, healing accelerates, and sleep improves in many people who regularly return for a visit in the Harmonic Egg. 

Most clients feel an improvement after their first session in the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse however, we do suggest 3-8 sessions would be advisable to achieve your goals.  It takes time and depends on many different factors. The Harmonic Egg is fantastic in supporting the self-healing ability of your body, mind, and soul.

Stress & Anxiety

Relaxation therapies have been shown to improve overall health, including both the body’s ability to heal and the mind’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety.  The Harmonic Egg/Ellipse is an energy therapy that helps bring about a meditative state and a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. The client experiences 50 minutes of gradually deepening relaxation while being enveloped in the resonant vibration of music and colored lights.


Clients tell us that they have experienced relief from the hypervigilance of PTSD, and from career, relationship, and health-related stress and anxiety. Those who have experienced physical trauma often carry stress in their bodies as muscle memory. Because the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse is a no-touch modality, it seems to provide more relief than other modalities for these clients.



Healing and Pain

Pain is a warning signal from the brain. To experience pain relief, the brain and autonomic nervous system must be satisfied that no warning is necessary. The Harmonic Egg/Ellipse works with the body’s own energy coursing through the nervous system to calm and rebalance this energy. With this energy therapy, we have seen significant pain relief, a reduction in inflammation, and a general improvement in physical healing among clients.


It is clear that “hearing” is not restricted to the ears and light sensitivity to the eyes. The vibrations from music are enjoyed by the deaf by being picked up by their muscles and bones. The skin can bring nutrients to the body when exposed to light. The Harmonic Egg/Ellipse envelopes the body in light and sound, so the whole body can heal.


Illness & Disease

Good health results from a complex combination of good nutrition, fitness, and the luck of good genes. For many suffering with chronic illnesses and disease, medical professionals can only treat symptoms. Those treatments may offer only partial or temporary relief, and they may create additional negative side effects.


Resonant frequency therapy takes a different approach. While we encourage clients to take generally recommended steps to improve nutrition and fitness, the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse treats the whole body rather than symptoms. The relaxation that the therapy provides may also contribute to better health, when stress and anxiety are a contributing factor.


We have had clients with undiagnosed “mystery illnesses” experience healing with the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse sound and light therapy. The body has a great capacity to heal itself. The Harmonic Egg/Ellipse helps to focus that healing energy in ways that can lead to better health and a better life.

Difficulty with Color and Sound

Those who face life with brain injuries, autism, learning disabilities and diseases like Parkinson’s often find little help through traditional medicine. Many alternative therapies fall short, as well, because they focus only on dietary needs, the causes of inflammation, and stress and anxiety instead of balancing the entire autonomic nervous system.


Bio healing and energy therapy employed through the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse provide an alternative that can re-establish balance within the nervous system. For many clients, several sessions in the chamber of a Harmonic Egg/Ellipse provides a system reset that results in greater focus and clarity as well as alleviating stress and anxiety and improving sleep.



By channeling bio energy initiated by the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse, many who have come to us emotionally and spiritually depleted have found new strength.  Ancient Chinese and Hindu medicine use the meridians of acupuncture and chakras to explain how bio energy that is blocked or unbalanced can result in physical or spiritual illness. These theories also explain how the Harmonic Egg/ Ellipse works to bring about spiritual healing.


Among our clients are many holistic healers and naturopaths who find that the Harmonic Egg/Ellipse is a reliable way to replenish spiritual health when they begin feeling depleted.  Inside a Harmonic Egg/Ellipse chamber, bio healing energy envelops the client. The sound and light therapy from a Harmonic Egg/Ellipse results in a mind-body connection for holistic healing and spiritual rejuvenation.



Alternative Medicine for Pets - Remote

Remote/virtual Harmonic Egg/Ellipse sessions are usually what we recommend for pets (and for humans who cannot make the trip to a Harmonic Egg/Ellipse location). In-person sessions for pets are not offered at our Harmonic Egg/Ellipse  location.


If employing a remote session, a photo of the pet is placed inside the Egg/Ellipse. The pet and its owner should remain in a safe, quiet space during the 50-minute session. When caring for our four-legged family members, it is more difficult to identify results since they communicate differently than humans. Those who live with these pets day in and day out will know, though. 

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