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What To Expect

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Start Your Healing Process

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted by one of our Virginia Harmonic Egg Consultants and we will introduce you to the Harmonic Egg/ Ellipse and guide you through your appointment. Our professionally trained and experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that we know the type of healing that you desire to achieve.

Your first sessions is 75 mins, of which 50 minutes is spent inside the Harmonic Egg, the balance is required to complete the intake form.  We use the information from this form to prepare your session. Before you go into the Harmonic Egg, we will discuss together what you have filled in. The purpose of this is to clarify what you want to get out of the session and to formulate an intention with which you go into the Harmonic Egg Ellipse. 

We make sure you are comfortable in the zero-gravity reclining chair. Both light and sound are customized based upon the type of healing that you desire to achieve.  Gentle music will ease your senses for 40 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of silence to allow your Harmonic Egg experience to blend.  Thereafter, you will hear the ringing of gentle chimes, telling you the door will open.   

Client Responsibility Before a Session

We ask you to take responsibility for all aspects of your health and well-being; to honestly evaluate your life and invite the possibility of change. To gain the most value during your days here we suggest that you:


  • For first time clients arrive a good 15 minutes early so we can go through your application form and get you ready to enter the chamber unhurried.

  • Wear loose, casual, comfortable clothes and minimal jewelry. 

  • Pacemakers and implanted metal are permissible.

  • No other attachments, crystals or stones are allowed into the unit

  • REMEMBER: Drink lots of water (60-90 ounces a day following sessions) It’s important in flushing toxins out of your body.   Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol as best as you can. 

  • Drink plenty of water with electrolytes immediately following your session and try to continue doing this for the next 5 days following the session. The brand we recommend is Superieur Electrolytes, which may be purchased from us or online. Replenishing electrolytes will ensure that your body is well balanced and hydrated properly. 

  • If possible, rest and take a nap following your session. If you have to return to work, try and make the remainder of you day as quiet as possible.

  • Limit exercise to mild exercise and start this at least two days after your session. 

  • Reschedule dental work, blood work, massages and other forms of energy work (cranial sacral, homeopathy, Reiki, acupuncture, biofeedback, etc.


Following your first session, it's important to book your next session(s) as soon as possible, (ideally before leaving the office). We pre-schedule and want to give you priority since you have already begun your sessions. We are here to support you on your journey and want to help you continue moving forward without any delays in scheduling. 


How You May Feel After a Session

Don’t be deterred by uncomfortable feelings, both physical and emotional. This is normal and a part of detoxifying your body. The body will be shifting as it rids itself of toxins.  Many clients come out feeling “lighter”.    They often feel out of sorts, sometimes hungry whereas some clients notice an improvement with a single session in the Harmonic Egg and able to take on the world!  Our clients say they experience changes on a variety of levels—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is not uncommon for clients to report that their time in the Harmonic Egg raises their levels of consciousness, creative thought and helps them ease from past traumas and limiting thoughts. Occasionally the body undergoes an environmental detox while in the Egg and odors are released during a session.


IMPORTANT: Drink a lot of water…we say that, but we do mean it! Please take home some electrolytes we do have these available. They are very important to help pull the toxins out (minerals bind to the toxins to remove them) and to replenish the body of those good minerals that are being depleted during detoxification.

You are going to start feeling better as your body releases the toxins it may have been storing for a very long time. There might be minor detox symptoms that can be somewhat uncomfortable, but these are clear signs the session is working. As toxins clear out (that’s why 60-90 ounces of water is essential), you will notice an increase in mental clarity. Your sleep will become deeper and more restorative. You could even experience what some consider nightmares as the emotional trauma is releasing from the cellular memory during the integration of the session as you sleep.  It’s normal.  

You might have more energy or feel sluggish and tired…sometimes the tired feeling is just a relaxed feeling. These days we are so stressed that we get the two confused. Pay attention if you want to fall asleep or just are relaxed and not ready to sleep.  You might experience breakouts or outbreaks from the toxins pushing out however they can find a way. You might have an occasional headache or joint pain as well. Drink more water.

As the detox symptoms diminish you will likely have fewer cravings for processed and unhealthy foods. The detox will be killing off those bad bacteria and critters that crave the bad foods. These foods might even taste less pleasant if you eat them out of habit.  You might even feel ill if the body rejects those unhealthy things you are ingesting. This is the body communicating with you, please listen. Those bad food choices may even be the reason you get migraines or other symptoms, and you just didn’t realize it. As the body rids itself of JUNK clogging the system, the body may become more sensitive to what you put in it.

Be gentle with yourself…you are taking the steps to bring your body to a level of awareness you may never have experienced before. Stick with it, it’s only going to get better and better!

Harmonic Egg products engage energy therapy and technology to deliver positive, life-changing results. Because they deliver natural, holistic energy therapy designed to help the body heal itself, our many clients have found it to be helpful for a wide variety of health issues. Adults and children have experienced relief from anxiety and difficult emotional issues, injuries and pain, spiritual dissonance, mental and developmental disorders, and illness.   Even pets respond positively to energy therapy using Harmonic Egg products.

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